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Island Association Designated Funds

Designated funds
are an important way for the Island Association to assist our community.  Members are able make additional donations to these funds at any time to help support these services.

E.M.T. Training Fund
This fund was set up to assist with the costs associated with training new emergency medical technicians.   This can include the cost of travel, lodging, classes and the purchase of equipment for new trainees.  The funds are held in our Vanguard account and available for reimbursement to the Town of La Pointe at the completion of the certification program.  The Island Association's most recent reimbursement was $5,029.22 in April 2013.

Scholarship Fund   

The Island Association Scholarship Fund is designed to assist Island High School graduates with the cost continuing their education at a University, or Technical College.  These funds are also held in a Vanguard  account and closely monitored by the Scholarship Committee who implements the program and insures the funds are sustainable for the slate of graduating students.  A Freshman Year Scholarship of up to $1,000.00 is given to all qualifying students for the first year of study.  The Continuing Scholarship of $600.00 a year is given to all qualifying students who have completed their freshman year.  Please see the "Scholarship" page for more information on these programs and a list of award recipients. 

Row/P.S.A La Pointe School Fund

This fund was started by Evan Erickson to support the La Pointe School by soliciting donations for his monumental row boat excursions.  The funds are also held in a Vanguard account and are primarily accessed to assist with the cost of the bi-annual Trip Around Wisconsin for 4th and 5th graders.  The funds may also be accessed for any other need the School may have such as equipment or supplies.

La Pointe Fire Department S.C.B.A. Fund 

This fund was created in July of 2013 to assist our Fire Dept. with raising funds to purchase 12 new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus units as well as additional training and supplies.  The Island Association will continue to hold this fund until the Fire Department's goal has been reached.  For more information please email  

You may print the form to donate to this fund
here.  S.C.B.A. Donation Form 
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