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Island Association Memberships and Donations

Membership is our most valuable asset.  It is open to all year-round and summer residents of La Pointe as well as anyone interested in contributing to the welfare of Madeline Island.  The revenue generated from yearly memberships helps us fund grants for community organizations and projects, fund scholarships for local graduates and support our local E.M.T.'s and Grade School.  Members vote on important issues, contribute ideas at public meetings, serve on Island Association committees and volunteer for fundraising events. 

The Island Association is actively seeking to increase it's membership.  If you are not yet a member we encourage you to do something simple that makes a big difference in your community.  

The Island Association also holds "Designated Funds" for the La Pointe School/PSA, EMT's and Scholarships for local Highschool graduates.  You may make additional donations to these funds when you pay your membership or at any other time of year.

To become a member, renew your membership or make an additional donation, click and print the membership form here.  Membership Form     

Mail the form to Island Association P.O. Box 152 La Pointe, WI 54850
    Membership Levels

    $30.00 Single

    $50.00 Family

    $100.00 Donor

    $_____ Other

Annual Membership Letters

Our annual membership letters are a great way to get caught up on the achievements and news of the previous year.    

2013 Membership Letter

2012 Membership Letter
2011 Membership Letter

2010 Membership Letter

2009 Membership Letter

2008 Membership Letter

2007 Membership Letter

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